Printing Industry

Paper and film processing lines run at high speeds and develop forces which can cause damage to web handling equipment (even components made of steel).  The dust and particulate caused by friction also result in a considerable cleaning effort - factors that hinder smooth, uninterrupted production.  

Printing processes also present special challenges; preventing traces of ink, maintaining web tension without damaging the substrate material and resistance to dust and particulate all require material surfaces that meet a variety of requirements at the same time.  

Impreglon offers our customers solutions with outstanding non-stick properties and high resistance to wear thanks to custom designed coating systems with special reinforcement materials.  The bottom line - longer serviceable life of the equipment, as well as improved production, saves money.

Anilox Rolls

Impreglon Cellramic is supporting the printing and flexographic industry in several ways, one of which is being the leading manufacturer of anilox rolls. An anilox roll is a hard cylinder, usually constructed of a steel or aluminum core coated by an industrial ceramic whose surface contains millions of very fine dimples, known as cells.

The characteristics of an anilox roll determine the amount of ink that will be transferred to the flexographic plate—angle of the cells, cell volume, and line screen. Lower cell volume makes for less ink. Low line screen anilox rolls are used where a heavy layer of ink is desired, such as in heavy block lettering. High line screens anilox produce finer details and are used in four-color process work such as reproducing photographs.

Impreglon Cellramic experts also provide anilox roll engravings designed to perform in challenging metering situations such as UV flexo, fine process and heavy adhesive applications for both narrow web and wide web sizes.

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